Cymbidium looks so refined and delicate, but it is very robust! Cymbidium is easy to care for and will stay beautiful for about two to three weeks.

On the shop floor

  • The ideal temperature to transport Cymbidium is 8 °C
  • It is best not to put Cymbidiums in a draught or in full sun, just like other flowers.
  • Be very protective with Cymbidium; avoid dropping or bumping and do not touch the stigma. 
  • Make sure that the vials underneath the flower stems are always filled with water

Tips for home

Give these tips to the customer so they can enjoy Cymbidium for as long as possible:

  • Cut off one centimetre from the flower stems; it is best to cut diagonally.
  • Put Cymbidium in a vase filled with lukewarm water with cut stem.
  • There is no need to use cut-flower food. Cymbidium can take care of itself.
  • Put the Cymbidium in a light spot. Avoid central heating, fireplaces and direct sunlight. 
  • Cymbidium in a vase on the dining table? Beautiful, but preferably not too near the fruit bowl! Fruit produces gases which cause the flowers to wilt or deteriorate more quickly.  
  • The flowers have a delicate centre; do not touch the inside of the flower. This causes pollen to spread, which in turn can lead to faster wilting.

Pssst! This is the secret of extra-long enjoyment:

Is the water getting murky? Fill the vase with clean water and cut the stems again by approx. 1 cm.

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