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The promotional website Cymbidium.info is an initiative from the cut Cymbidium growers and is part of the promotional campaign for cut Cymbidium. They work together to inspire you. They provide information about the versatility and uses of Cymbidium.

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Available all year round

Cymbidium is available all year round, but the supply is greatest from mid-October to June. Ask your flower wholesaler for current availability and enjoy your favourite Cymbidiums all year round.

Cymbidium cultivation

Before they flower, most orchids have been given the utmost care for two to four years. Only then are they harvested. The great thing is that the older the plant gets, the longer and fuller the branches become. The number of branches with flowers varies greatly from one plant to another. For example, a young plant can have three branches while a 10-year-old can have as many as 14. There are even cases of plants with more than 30 branches!

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